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iVAC Newsletter April 2010


Attached is the April 2010 edition of the Integrated Visualization and Analytics Community (iVAC) Newsletter.  The Basic/Futures Research (BFR) Program believes that regular communication is one of the most effective ways to enable our Data and Visual Analytics enterprise to flourish.

The iVAC Newsletter is envisioned as a coordinating function for the various activities coming out of the BFR program, international university partners and other government agencies.  The thought is to present and share knowledge of these initiatives, accomplishments in various areas (technology, publications, new funding, etc.), up-coming conferences and events, and other significant happenings to the entire community.

This iVAC Newsletter features:

  • Everest Prototype Installed at Kennewick PD
  • Visual Analytics at the EU Parliament in Strasbourg
  • Research Opportunities to ADMI & A4RC
  • Enterprise Resiliency Experiment
  • Precision Information Environments Video and Community Website Released
  • Secure Mashup Framework for Dynamic Integration and Analysis
  • Boeing Uses Visual Analytics Tools to Understand Air Safety
  • GeoViz Toolkit
  • Open Media Analytics Suite 1.0
  • CCICADA‐Wide Retreat
  • VASS 2010

Read the newsletter here:

iVAC Newsletter April 2010


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